Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Get My Omega-3 IQ?

We’re currently only offering Omega-3 IQ as a prescription supplement. You can pick it up from your local pharmacy with a prescription from your physician. You or your physician can also request a sample through this site, or by getting in touch with us.

2. How Often Should I Take Omega-3 IQ?

You should consult with your physician on how much omega-3s you should take. Our standard dosage is one chewable softgel per day.

3. I’m An Adult Male. Should I Take Omega-3 IQ?

Yes! Maybe you’re thinking that, with a fully developed brain, you don’t need any of these brain “building blocks.” However, DHA turnover in the brain occurs constantly! This turnover is essential, as the DHA has been “damaged.” And if there isn’t enough fresh DHA around, your neurons will find other, less effective fatty acids to replace it with!

4. I’m An Adult Female (and not pregnant or nursing). Should I Take Omega-3 IQ?

Yes! See above.

5. I’ve Heard That Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Not Essential

Technically, omega-3 fatty acids are not “essential.” We call a nutrient essential when it is required by our bodies but our bodies cannot synthesize it. By this definition, there is only one “essential” omega-3 fatty acid, ALA (α-Linolenic acid). Technically, all of the other omega-3s that our body requires can be synthesized from ALA. However, the efficiency of the human body in synthesizing these other fatty acids tends to be quite low. Adult men, in fact, tend to show no ability to synthesize DHA (a crucial omega-3 fatty acid) at all!